Contemporary Modernism

Show Gallery and Carlos Antonio present Contemporary Modernism, an exhibition featuring artwork by 14 LA-based artists along with unique furniture, rugs, and objects. The first iteration of Contemporary Modernism was in Palm Springs in February 2019 and this is the first exhibition in Los Angeles.

Furnishing + Art Co-Curation by Carlos Antonio

Art Co-Curation by Margot Ross of Show Gallery

Furniture by Modern Resale

Vintage objects by NFS

Rugs by Marc Phillips

  • Eunbi Cho

  • Theodore Boyer

  • Jason Trotter

  • Shoshi Watanabe

  • Brian Willis

  • Vincent Pocsik

  • Natan Moss

Featured artists include:

  • Chadwick Anderson

  • George Byrne

  • Cyrielle Gulacsy

  • Luna Ikuta

  • Shingo Francis

  • Meike Legler

  • Retna