Federico Galavis

Federico Galavis is a Venezuelan-American artist based in Los Angeles. Galavis considers his art a movement: "Nationalist Figurative Abstract Expressionism”. His modernist style incorporates fauvism, surrealism and cubism, and uses varied types of oils, spray paints and textured mediums. Through his art, he hopes to call to the spirit of humanity. He speaks to the complexities of the human condition and the empowerment of women, considering men have shown throughout time as the destructor, while women the creator.

Galavis has developed a distinctive, expressionist style to state his views on human consciousness and its socio-political consequences: “To me art is about expressing my deepest feelings, thoughts, perceptions, and sharing them with the world. By exploring my inner landscapes I liberate myself from emotions, fears, pain. I become more self aware, and so do the others, I hope, when they get my message. Paint has become my weapon and my ally in my fight for freedom; for not only does art free the individual, it frees civilizations. In this crucial time we live in - where art breaks the frantic pace, making us question, reflect, expand - a message, that can make a change, evoke hope.” - Galavis.

Galavis has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and is in private collections internationally. This is his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles.