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Charcoal Collection by Corran Brownlee

Opening Reception March 1st, 2018 from 6-9pm

Open M-F 12-5pm

Corran Brownlee

Corran Brownlee

Where are they going? Who, or what, are they waiting for? The questions hang in the air, waiting for us to provide the answers.

Los Angeles, February 22, 2018 – Show Gallery presents the Charcoal Collection by Corran Brownlee at the new unexpected art space in Hollywood. The exhibition includes 12 new charcoal drawings by the artist.

Each piece is a scene from an untold story. The narrative is hinted at, but never revealed. The artist draws the viewer into a still and silent world, devoid of colour, where their imagination is given free rein. The viewer becomes the storyteller. And like any good story, these ghostly, romantic images linger in the mind. Much of the scene remains hidden beneath a heavy layer of charcoal, inviting the viewer to look for answers in the shadows. The subjects themselves are lifted out of the darkness, as if projected from a dream. Often turned away from the viewer, they exist in their own world, unaware of our scrutiny.

For twenty years Corran Brownlee has used his craft to realize the vision of other filmmakers and storytellers from fight sequence storyboards for Jackie Chan to concept images for James Bond opening titles. This collection allows us to journey into his own world.

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