AMONG STONES by Jeremiah Chechik

Among Stones by Jeremiah Chechik

Artist reception Saturday, November 17th from 6-9pm

Show Gallery presents Among Stones by Jeremiah Chechik at their contemporary art space in Los Angeles. In this body of work, the artist draws from a long tradition of American landscape painting and photography. The series of images, taken in Joshua Tree National Monument, celebrates light, color, and form in ways that breaks from naturalism by moving the pictorial into the abstract and moving naturalism into the realm of visual science fiction. We can choose to see the world as it is, but Chechik attempts to change it and to express it in a new light. These images explore the radicalism of this change, deeply informed by fiction and color field painting, presenting the world through alien eyes. By looking at these unique earthly forms in new ways, the artist aims to construct a new appreciation for the world surrounding us and other worlds beyond.

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