Talia Shipman's Artist Reception at Soho House

Talia Shipman

Meet Me In The Middle

Soho House West Hollywood

May 8th through June 2nd, 2019

Artist reception on Wednesday, May 15th from 7 to 8:30pm

Meet Me In The Middle

Talia Shipman

Meet Me In The Middle focuses on pressing social issues and explores the precarious state of our world. Through photography combined with elements of sculpture and collage, Shipman’s installation imagines a post-apocalyptic future where water and crucial resources have been replaced by everyday consumer goods.

Drawing on the vibrant color turquoise as a metaphor for water and its fluid and transformative properties, the artist examines the environmental impact of human activity while reflecting on her own quest for identity in the face of global crisis.

Curated by Margot Ross



John Gheur